"Those who offer a ‘Made in Austria’ premium product, cannot sim- ply install Chinese LED strips", is the clear statement of Robert Mayr, founder and managing director of FalkenOhr Klangmöbel. It is there- fore not enough for him to offer a perfect vibration management, a revolutionary decoupling of the compartment levels and individual adaptations to the listening preferences of the customers. Design is also crucial for these high-class products. Inspired by the charm of classical musical instruments and tradi- tional craftsmanship, FalkenOhr Klangmöbel presents itself as pleas- antly unobtrusive and enriching to the eye. And this is where BILTON comes in. With the LED strips of the BILTON ONE 600 range. Built into our smallest installation profile CT02, it provides exactly the light that does not push itself into the foreground, but enhances the sound furniture in its entirety. The asymmetrical lens CX06 then only provides the targeted direction of the LED light.

  • Client FalkenOhr //
  • Execution FalkenOhr //
  • Photographer Johannes Felsch //