Environmental protection

 Publication of the recycling quota for automotive and industrial batteries in accordance with Section 15 (3) of the Battery Act

In the previous calendar year, BILTON LEDON Technology GmbH achieved a recycling quota of 100% for vehicle batteries and 100% for industrial batteries in accordance with the calculation method of § 2 (19) Battery Act. 100% of the industrial batteries that were taken back could be reused. By reusing waste industrial batteries, we consistently implement the waste hierarchy requirements of the Circular Economy Act and create increased environmental benefits. 

Environmental protection document


Our environmental policy & principles

Environmental protection is an important part of our company and it is a matter of course that we comply with and, if possible, exceed the legal and official binding regulations/obligations and other environmental interests as well as the environmental protection requirements we set ourselves.

Also with regard to our future: BILTON LEDON Technology always thinks ahead and makes a major contribution to ensuring that our children and future generations can live in an environment worth living in.

Our environmental statement


Environmental management certificate ISO 14001

Here you will find the current certificate from qualityAustria for the application and further development of our effective environmental management system.

ISO 14001 certificate