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In order to be able to process the returns process quickly, please fill out the returns form completely.

Please note that an incomplete or missing return form can lead to delays or the return of the goods.

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Important information regarding the processing of returns:

  1. All returned goods are sorted by BILTON International GmbH, counted and subject to a quality check. Only the quantities calculated by BILTON International are binding for the processing.

  2. The freight costs and freight risk for shipping the returned goods are assumed by the sender of the goods; this does not include incorrect deliveries caused by BILTON International GmbH.

  3. BILTON International GmbH only processes returns from dealers. Returns by end consumers are not accepted.

  4. Special productions and prefabricated goods are excluded from exchange.

  5. If a justified complaint within the framework of the BILTON guarantee conditions has been determined, we reserve the right to make repairs if possible and to return the repaired product to the customer as quickly as possible and to provide it without additional costs. If a repair is not possible, BILTON reserves the right to define whether the customer should receive a credit or replacement goods.

  6. In some cases – particularly after a change of assortment – an exchange may not be possible even if there is a justified complaint within the framework of the BILTON guarantee conditions; a credit shall be granted.

  7. For the return of goods in perfect condition and the original packaging, we grant a credit minus a handling fee of 10 % of the value of the goods (but at least EUR 10.00). If the goods are exchanged, there is no entitlement to the predecessor model. BILTON shall supply either the new product or shall grant a credit. BILTON reserves the right to define whether the customer should receive a credit or replacement goods.

  8. Sample goods must be returned within 30 days. For sample goods, the commission must be stated. BILTON does not charge a handling fee if the return is on time, in good condition and in the original packaging. If the sampling times are exceeded, BILTON automatically charges for the products.

  9. If a good has been damaged or made unusable due to incorrect use, it cannot be returned. If it is found after the return that the goods are in an unsaleable or irreparable condition, BILTON shall charge for these products.

In this context, we refer to our general terms and conditions in the latest version.