BL Protected LED modules / BL Protected

Article no.: 169017

Konfig BL PROTECTED IP67 available

  • Rigid and flexible versioin with illumination from above or side
  • Various levels of protection available: IP67, IP68, IP68+, IP68C
  • Free choice of versions, light colours, lumen classes, optics etc.
  • A LED module that is so waterproof and stable, that it can withstand a load of 2 tons

Customized goods can not be returned! Any amendments after order confirmation!

The BL PROTECTED series has been developed by BL to ensure full flexibility in project design for the customer. BL produces customised LED modules in a polyurethane encapsulation for high protection ratings. Customised lighting systems: various parameters are available that can be freely selected, e.g. BL LED module, version, connection cable, optics and much more. Developed and tested by BILTON in Austria.

IP67 (Standard): The LED module is glued and encapsulated into the profile (Standard). Application: linear outdoor application

IP68: Fully encapsulated LED module, flexible application: flexible outdoor APPLICATION

IP68 PLUS: Double encapsulation (encapsulation compound above and below the LED module); application: under water

IP68C: double encapsulation with special encapsulation material application: specially resistant to chlorine - swimming pool

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Article no. 169017
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