BLTW TWO LED modules / Specials / Outdoor

Article no.: 101744

BLTWO1300012DC140X6830840W05 available


Top Features

  • 12
    Lamp voltage
  • 1300
    Luminous flux per meter
  • 2000.0
    Max. length
  • >80
    Colour rendering index CRI
  • Tuneable White (TW)e = selectable colour temperature in a wide range of white light
  • Physiologically valuable light (Human Centric Lighting)
  • Adaptation to the biorhythm using a suitable control system

BILTONTWO TW 1300 LED strip 12V DC 14,0 W/m IPX6 CRI>80 3000-4000K 5m


Article 101744

Linear LED light strip on a flexible circuit board. Installation using self-adhesive heat-conducting adhesive tape. Dimmable using BILTON LED dimmer.

Suitable for ambient temperatures from at a service life of .

The BLTW TWO LED-strip has a luminous flux of 1300 lm at 14.0 W, resulting in an efficiency of . At a nominal voltage of 12 V DC on the connection, a maximum module length of 2000.0 mm can be achieved. In terms of lighting, the module has a colour temperature of 3000-4000 K and a beam angle of 120°. All this with a colour rendering index of >80 and a Binning selection based on (MacAdams). The light strip can be separated every 25.0 mm, resulting in a LED distance of . Degree of protection IP66

Dimension (L x W x H): 5000.0 mm x 8.0 mm x 1.1 mm

  • 12 V
  • >80
  • IP66
  • 3000 - 4000 K
  • picto-Trash
  • picto-Rohs
  • picto-Ce
  • picto-Austria

Mechanical data
Net width 8.0 mm
Net height 1.1 mm
Net length 5000.0 mm
Degree of protection (IP) IP66
Colour White
Net weight 50 g
Length of particular segments 25.0 mm
Electrical data
Lamp power per meter 14.0 W
Lamp voltage 12 V
Voltage type DC
Protection class III
Light technical data
Luminous flux per meter 1300 lm
Beam angle 120°
Colour rendering index CRI >80
Colour temperature 3000 - 4000 K
Max. length 2000.0 mm
Packaging information
EAN 4250716929294
Article no. 101744
Customs tariff number 94054099
Length 5000.0 mm
Gross weight 179.0 g
Gross height 18.0 mm
Gross width 200.0 mm
Gross length 200.0 mm
State of origin AT

* Information about the electrical and lighting technology measurements: Performance data measured after 1 min. at 25 °C ambient temperature and a light colour of 4,000 K (or RGB). These values can have a tolerance value of -/+ 15%. Module length at 24 V input voltage at the module and luminous flux drop 10% over the specified length.