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Article no.: 170163

BLPSI230AC060024DC0250067 available


Top Features

  • 24V
    Output voltage
  • 60W
    Output power
  • IP67
    Degree of protection (IP)

BILTON PS IP 230VAC 60W 24VDC 2500 mA IP67


Article 170163

The power supply can be used up to 60W W output power and 24V V output voltage. The supply voltage of the power supply is 90-305 VAC and has a IP67 protection class and protection class III .

Dimension (L x W x H): 171.0 mm x 61.5 mm x 36.8 mm

  • IP67
  • picto-Ce
  • picto-Trash
  • picto-Rohs

Mechanical data
Type of installation schraubbar/screwable
Width 61.5 mm
Height 36.8 mm
Length 171.0 mm
Degree of protection (IP) IP67
Net weight 730 g
Surface color grau
Electrical data
Voltage range 90-305 VAC
Standby power 0.06 W
Output power 60W W
Output voltage 24V V
Output current 2,5A mA
Frequency 47-63 Hz
Protection class III
Temperature technical data
Storage temperature -40...+80 °C
Operating temperature -40...+80 °C
Packaging information
Article no. 170163
Length 171.0 mm
State of origin China