Private house

This private house is the winning project of the BILTON and i-magazin photo competition 2018. The winner Christoph works since his apprenticeship at the company Michael Pasterer Elektrotechnik GmbH in Saalbach-Hinterglemm, where he was taught from the beginning to implement shapely electrical installations with durable materials and future-oriented products. This work ethic can be seen in the work Christoph has done with the winning project. The project - indirect lighting in a private apartment - was implemented with a BILTON ONE 900 in the light colour 2,700 Kelvin and the BILTON ECO power supply unit. "The time required to complete the lighting installation was approx. 4 hours. "This is probably also due to the fact that BILTON not only produces the LED light strips, but also tailors them to measure - so I could simply connect the LED module to the matching power supply unit on site", Christoph is pleased about the BILTON pre-assembly service.

What possibilities does the winner see for LED modules in the future? "LEDs have become indispensable in today's world and there are no limits to creativity thanks to their flexibility and wide selection.

  • Execution Pasterer Elektrotechnik GmbH //
  • Photographer Johannes Felsch //