Modern apartment

With simple means you can create a modern oasis of wellbeing from a simple apartment and that is also environmentally friendly with energy-efficient LED lighting from Austria. Flexible LED modules can be used for every room and every requirement, regardless of whether it is a bedroom, bathroom or vestibule.

In this project, different LED modules with different degrees of protection and different profiles for various requirements are used. In addition, of course, always the desired cover, the appropriate mounting materials and the desired light management products.

A BILTON TWO with 12 volts with protection class IPX6 in the installation profile CT01 was used for the wooden tram in the bathroom. A BILTON ONE 1300 in the XT02 construction profile was used in the anteroom. And the bedroom is illuminated in a warm light with 2,700 Kelvin from a BILTON ONE 900.

As different as the requirements and the products are, the overall result of the LED lighting is just as harmonious.

  • Photographer Johannes Felsch //