Church lighting

Light is an important topic in church building. Why? Because, in addition to the most diverse needs and requirements, it is primarily the space for church services, it serves people for prayer, it is a place of meditation, is a place of encounter and contemplation. And in principle, light has a symbolic meaning in theology. It is important to support all of these requirements with light and, if possible, with energy-saving lamps.

All of these requirements were implemented in this project with LED lighting from BILTON. The BILTON AIR TOP 450 was installed as cove lighting, creating uniform and harmonious general lighting that not only supports the architecture of the church but also creates a contemplative atmosphere. The BILTON AIR was assembled in-house and installed in a plastic profile. A timeless lighting design was created in this church with LED lighting.

  • Execution Studio DL Lighting Design /
  • Photographer Henning Stauch /