ISG Gebäude

“Lebenswert” (worth living) – this is the motto that the Innviertler Gemeinnützige Wohnungs- und Siedlungsgenossenschaft (ISG) has adopted. And this motto is visible in the full sense of the word at the company’s offices in Ried. Because the workforce and customers are literally carried through their (working) life by different facets of the latest LED technology. Highly efficient and extremely elegant. BILTONONE 2000 (2,000 lm / 4,000 K) guides employees and guests to their appointments and meetings in the corridors and staircases. Even to the “loo”. The workplaces are bathed in the right light for the right decisions with BILTONCOLOR RGB (900 lm / 4,000 K). And the BILTONCOLOR RGB (600 lm / 4,000 K) also plays a key role in the foyer: in effects lighting with various colours. Everything controlled by BILTON DALI LED dimmers.

  • Client ISG Gebäude / Österreich
  • Photographer Peter Echt /