Red Bull's new Energy Station

Every Formula 1 team has its own "home" at the European races. The new "Energy Station" of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Alpha Tauri has been on the road throughout Europe since May 2019 as a motorhome in the Formula 1 paddocks. In order to stand out from the other motorhomes and achieve a typical Austrian flair, the new "Energy Station" was designed as a wooden structure. And in order to rely in style on products from Austria, linear LED modules "Made in Austria" from BILTON were used for the lighting of the "wooden house".

The effort required to assembly and disassembly this "wooden house" at any event location is not insignificant. Therefore, a special adhesive tape was attached to the LED module for this project in order to ensure adhesive adhesion through constant assembly and disassembly. Up to 80 BILTON X-Lines are used each time, consisting of an assembly profile, a BILTON ONE 900 in the light colour 3,000 Kelvin and matching power supply units and controls. 

Red Bull has created an extraordinary project here, which is not only sophisticated in its construction but also in its logistics. We are delighted that our products help visitors to feel at home in the "wooden house".

  • Client Red Bull /
  • Photographer Andreas Aufschnaiter