bathroom lighting

Small but nice. The aim of BILTON is to integrate LED lighting in every area of life - BILTON is working towards this goal: LED lighting in works of art; in garages; in aquariums; in buildings; and much more - But also the small lighting solutions should not be ignored, which contribute to the fact that the living area is not only optimally illuminated, but also brings comfort and well-being into the living space.
Here is an example from a single-family house: the bathroom was installed with the BILTON ONE 1300 - protection class IPX6 - in a corner profile YT04 and the matching cover YX01. This beautiful reference project shows how many possible uses the BILTON range offers:
An LED light strip, a profile and a cover can offer a wide variety of lighting solutions:

// Contour lighting of the bathtub
// indirect room lighting
// direct lighting in the shower area

  • Photographer Peter Kühnl //