In July 2018, the highest interactive exhibition "007 ELEMENTS" - at 3,000 meters above sea level - was opened in Sölden to commemorate the James Bond filming.

007 ELEMENTS is a spectacular and unique James Bond world of experience that provides fascinating insights into the films.
The exhibition accompanies the visitor on a journey through a series of interactive high-tech galleries that revolve around the hallmark and all the classic elements of a James Bond movie - marvelous title sequences and dramatic soundscapes, breathtaking action scenes as well as cars and gadgets, unique locations, iconic locations Studio sets and of course a large number of convincing characters.

To round off the futuristic architecture linear LED lighting by BILTON was installed. The installation is not heated and is partially outdoors. At over 3,000 meters above sea level, this means icy temperatures for people and technology. One more reason to focus on quality "Made in Austria" by BILTON.

Take a look yourself, it's worth it!

  • Client 007 ELEMENTS //
  • Architect Obermoser arch-omo zt gmbh
  • Photographer Kristopher Grunert