BILTON–X-LINE PlatformYour unique idea. Our simple solution!

Your route to the perfect product

Restriction is the end of creativity. Regardless of length, light colour, installation, intensity - the BILTON-X-LINE platform delivers an unimaginably wide range of applications. The modular system makes it easy to put together the ideal combination for your needs. With our standard range, we provide more than 256,000 different LED lighting solutions. Highly functional, as all parts at BLT. are geared to each other and match each other 100%. And all from a single source - so that you can realise your idea quickly and easily.

Highest precision in function

In order for the LED module to achieve full efficiency and service life, it is important to give it the right space. We have a large number of possible combinations with suitable application profiles. Whatever the installation situation: At BILTON, you always get the right profile, whether supporting or installation, suspended or corner profiles – the possibilities are practically limitless. Let us convince you of our extensive range of products. We set no limits, no matter what you need.

  • up to 25 different fitting options
  • Made of aluminium for perfect heat conduction
  • Power consumption from 3 W to 45 W

Room for the perfect light

Linear flexible LED modules offer an unbelievable variety and flexibility for the use of light. Thanks to the high performance of our LED modules with more than 3,000 lm/m, a wide range of light colours and standard separability from 2.5 cm to 10 cm, our LED modules offer completely new opportunities to implement ideas, effective lighting scenarios and projects. And with long cable solutions of up to 23 metres and constant current control, there is no need for additional feeds and power supplies. Entirely new light solutions can be realised as a result.

  • up to 4,000 lumen / metre
  • up to 14.5 max. module length
  • Protection class from IP00 to IP67

A beautiful aura!

Based on the respective profile, we have the correct covers for you. Light line, light points or bundled light - whatever you want for your lighting effect, we offer a wide variety of covers to let you create your desired lighting effect. 

  • from 10°up to 120° beam angle
  • Straight, curved or lens

Fit the way you want

End caps, assembly clips, line connectors – the alleged small things also belong to the full-range assortment. For easy assembly and a successful and appealing overall result, we supply all accessories, 100 % matching, as all products are matched to each other. 

  • End caps
  • Line connectors
  • Installation clip