Green Balance


Sustainability combines: Economy and environmental compatibility.

BLT.  products combine maximum economic comfort with minimum energy and resource requirements.

The result: a unique balance - BLT. Green Balance.

Sustainable lighting must meet a number of requirements: BILTON LEDON Technology offers lighting systems from a single source - all products are coordinated with each other, thus the best result can be achieved, both for the environment and for well-being. 

BLT. develops lighting and lighting control solutions that consume more than a third less energy than conventional lighting. With higher efficiency and longer service life. In this way, the high-quality raw materials of our earth are used in a controlled and careful manner.

The BILTON LEDON Technology´s product portfolio offers:

//        Everything from a single source -
//        developed by a specialist -
//        produced in Austria -
//        user-friendly handling to ensure effective use of the latest lighting technology -
//        with efficient and long-lasting light sources.


The label “Made in Austria” guarantees regional added value and avoids long transport routes. This environmental awareness runs through all areas of BLT.. For the company, innovative technologies and designs also mean ecological responsibility, sustainable management and social action.

BLTechnology Green Paper