BILTON light construction kit

The BILTON Light Construction Kit consists of selected products from the BILTON range.

The aim of the BILTON Light Building Kit is to combine LED lighting components in order to achieve consistent and uniformly illuminated LED lighting. The challenge to be overcome was to create LED components that could be adapted to any length without any dark spots - even with long lines of light. By integrating the BILTON Smart Core into the BILTON Light Construction Kit, BILTON can offer LED lighting components that can be adapted to any length with different emission features.

The BILTON lighting kit offers the following advantages for the customer:


  • Flexible, adaptable lighting

    Flexible in length, light colour, lumen strength, beam characteristics and in many other ways

  • High uniformity

    The BILTON Light Construction Kit guarantees a high level of uniformity of light emissions with multiple beam characteristics and a seamless light line thanks to covers straight from the roll.

  • Integration of electronics
    The BILTON Smart Core Integration allows the use of long line lengths without dark spots and in the future, electronics can also be installed on BILTON LED luminaires

  • Power supply integration
    The PT Profile offers the possibility to integrate a power supply unitl
  • Tools for caluclating the light distribution

    The light distribution curves provided enable the detailed calculation of the lighting. This means that the lighting can be adapted to suit a wide range of locations

  • Clever mounting options
    Thanks to the unlimited flexibility available regarding the lengths along with the BILTON Smart Core, the lights can be individually mounted to provide the right lighting solution.


CONTINUOUS from beginning to end

With the new BILTON light construction kit, BILTON sets itself apart from the competition, because with the specially produced LED modules, the matching profiles, the central power supply of the BILTON Smart Core as well as covers from the roll, long continuous lines of light can be created without a single dark spot.

Advantages in practice



With the BILTON light construction kit long continuous light lines without dark spots can be achieved



Rollable covers allow continuous and seamless lines of light to be achieved



The BILTON Smart Core Integration ensures a long cable length without dark spots

BILTON light construction kit include components from the following prodcuts

LED modules

  • BILTON LED modules with IP20 and IPX6 protection levels can be integrated into Light Construction Kit
  • A variety of Lumen levels and light colour choices



Light accessories

  • The XT Series & PT Series are used with Light Construction Kit. These are available in various designs
  • The covers are available in various emittance options, for example: Glare protection or transmittance

Light management

  • Specially developed dimmers in three designs and using all standard signal types
  • Power supply unit developed in-house for optimum power supply
  • Various controllers for dimming and control of the LED module

BILTON SmartCore

  • The BILTON Smart Core is our own specially developed circuit board with integrated LED chips and strain relief
  • Using BILTON Smart Core for the central power supply enables long line lengths to be used without dark spots forming