BLTWP 2000 LED modules / Specials / Indoor

Article no.: 101859

BLTWP2000024DC22520922965W05 not available


Top Features

  • 24
    Lamp voltage
  • 50.0
    Length of particular segments
  • 2200-6500
    Colour temperature
  • BILTON TW is the name for Tuneable White
  • Module width of 12.0 mm for heat conduction and long cable lengths
  • Long line lengths and better stability due to double layer
  • Continuously dimming between 2200-6500 K

BILTONTW+ 2000 LED strip 24VDC 22,5W/m IP20 CRI>90 2200-6500K WHITE 5m

LED module BLTWP 2000

Article 101859

Linear LED light strip on a flexible circuit board. Installation using self-adhesive heat-conducting adhesive tape. Dimmable using BILTON LED dimmer.

Suitable for ambient temperatures from -20...+45 °C at a service life of 60000 h / L80B10 .

The BLTWP 2000 LED-strip has a luminous flux of 2000 lm/m at 22.5 W, resulting in an efficiency of 89 lm/W. At a nominal voltage of 24 V DC on the connection, a maximum module length of can be achieved. In terms of lighting, the module has a colour temperature of 2200-6500 K and a beam angle of 120°. All this with a colour rendering index of >90 Raand a Binning selection based on 3 SDCM (MacAdams). The light strip can be separated every 50.0 mm, resulting in a LED distance of 8.3 mm. Degree of protection IP20

Dimension (L x W x H): 5000.0 mm x 12.0 mm x 1.5 mm

  • 2200-6500 K
  • >90 Ra
  • IP20
  • picto-Ce
  • picto-Trash
  • picto-Austria
  • picto-Rohs

Mechanical data
Width 12.0 mm
Height 1.5 mm
Length 5000.0 mm
Degree of protection (IP) IP20
LED pitch 8.3 mm
Length of particular segments 50.0 mm
Surface color weiß/white
Electrical data
Efficiency 89 lm/W
Lamp power per meter 22.5 W
Lamp voltage 24 V
Voltage range 23-25 VDC
Light technical data
Luminous flux 2000 lm/m
Beam angle 120°
Binning tolerance 3 SDCM
CRI >90 Ra
Colour temperature 2200-6500 K
Drop in luminous flux L80B10
Connection number 3
Cable cross-section 0,5 mm²
Temperature technical data
Lifetime 60000 h
Ambient temperature -20...+45 °C
Storage temperature -5...+55 °C
Operating temperature -5...+60 °C
Packaging information
EAN 4250716936148
Article no. 101859
Customs tariff number 94054099
Length 5000.0 mm
Gross height 22.0 mm
Gross width 200.0 mm
Gross length 200.0 mm
State of origin EU/AT

* Specifications of the electrical and photometric parameters: All values are valid in the thermally steady state at 25 ° C ambient temperature under the standardized measuring environment of BILTON. Nominal lumen values differ for different light colors, these values can be found in the respective data sheets. All values can have tolerances of +/- 15 %.